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About us

Tara Home is owned by Tara Group, which was founded in the 1980s in Dublin, Ireland. The company grew fast, expanding its product range and later changing its name to Tara Giftworks. Most recently, in a comprehensive re-branding in 2019, Tara Giftworks became Tara Group.

Headed today by Sean Browne and Ian Brennan, Tara Group is a well-established family business and a leader in providing beautifully designed, on-trend interior home interiors and furniture.

Tara Group built its reputation and success on the collections now known as Tara Home. These products are specifically designed to fulfil a discerning customer’s desire for the latest home style at an irresistible price, and while the brand name might have changed, its products continue to embody style, value and quality.

Our Philosophy

"Ours is very much a personalised approach based on understanding and delivering what works for ‘real’ homes."